An Odyssey of Dreams

Through ethereal dimensions, she flows, to the far-reaching corners of her mind. On a journey to unveil, what lies ahead and what's beyond.

She belongs here, She is forever and ever.

Unveiling the flagship campaign ' An Odyssey of Dreams' with brand ambassador Tara Sutaria.

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Hazoorilal Legacy - An Odyssey of Dreams

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Fine jewelry collections from the house of Hazoorilal Legacy


The Bella Collection is an artful composition of delicate designs with keenness on detail and precision. A cocktail of dainty diamonds and colored stones confluence with enamel work rendering an understated finesse to the jewellery. Be the Bella woman, an epitome of poise and charm, of strength and grace.

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Young, delicate and a charming collection in diamonds and gold with breezy and fresh designs for the millennial women on the go. Mingle in, yet stand out of the crowd. Perfect choice for your workplace or gifting. Be trendy with Jardin.

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Hazoorilal Legacy Jardin Diamond Jewellery Collection

The dainty beauty of flowers finds expression in Blume, our breathtaking collection that combines grace, with artistic boldness.

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Sophistication is the hallmark of the Kaiser Collection, exclusively designed for men who wear their attitude with regal panache.

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